Is it possible to alter the Template Path on import?

I have a project file (.proj) that contains a bunch of templates that I need to use in a pre-existing base project. The template path, however, does not match the path used in the Vision Windows that are already created.

I found that I can use Find/Replace to alter all of the Template Paths already called out on the windows, but I would much rather just re-assign the path to all templates. It seems like the highest level root folder name is different between the template paths themselves and the template paths specified on the screens.

Is there some type of advanced import feature where I can change the name of the root folder or maybe a way to edit the Project File before import (using say a text editor)?

Sorry if this is an easy question, I am new to the plateform and could not find this topic in the forum.


Apologies for the vague response, I am not at my desk and cannot give detailed examples.

If I’m not mistaken, a .proj file is simply a renamed zip file. You could potentially rename the file to a .zip file, decompress it, edit your files, recompress them, and rename the file to a .proj file once again.

Might be intensive, but it could solve your problem.

I tried renaming the .proj to a .zip file but received an error when trying to extract it. If you were to do this Im assuming it would come out the same way as if you did a project export for templates. If the folder structure is the same, you have each template with a .bin file and .json file inside a folder of the same name as the template itself. ive tried exporting the templates, manually renaming the folders and then importing the templates back into the project but this process seems to break the template path and the templates themselves cannot be found. Im assuming that there is a saved project path within the .bin file that specifies the path and makes it not possible to manually change the folder paths.

Has anyone ever opened one of these .bin files and could tell me whats in it/if its readable?

Vision Window and Template resources are non-editable binary-encoded XML with nested binary-encoded XML (recursively, if I recall correctly).

Your best bet is to use shift-right-click on the template in the Designer tree to expose the otherwise hidden XML menu items. Copy one template to the clipboard, create a new template in a folder, then paste the XML into it.

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.proj files are renamed .xml; project exports in 8.0+ are just .zips directly. .gwbks are just renamed .zips.

@pturmel’s suggestion is as close as you can get to externally editing Vision resources - and even then, it’s definitely non-trivial.