Is it possible to bind a boolean to a tag value's override status?

I’m trying to bind a boolean to enable reading a tag’s value but only if that tag’s value is overridden and thus is not the default value.

You can get a list of the UDT instances overrides by reading the UDT instance’s path + “.PropertyOverrides” but the format of that isn’t very helpful, it lists all UDTs and stuff. So if you read the “.UDTMemberUID” of the individual tag you’re looking for, it will give you the UUID. You can then get the value for that UUID and check if there are any at all.

def hasOverride(tagPath, extPath):
	propOvrUDT = + ".PropertyOverrides").value #Get property overrides
	uuid = + extPath + ".UDTMemberUID").value #get uuid of the tag we're testing
	return propOvrUDT.get(uuid).getCount()>0

Was looking to set several parameters to “override” in script – thought I could do the reverse with system.tag.write(*.PropertyOverrides) – but it doesn’t look like the “.PropertyOverrides” exists at the tag level anymore in v8…
Does anyone know how to set UDT parameters to “override” in v8?