Is it possible to build a custom Alarm Notification?

now that i am learning alarms and building custom rosters, my attention is now on the Notifications. i have read through the docs (thank you @Felipe_CRM ) and i don't see anything that indicates the usage of anything beyond a handful of properties. i'd like to be able to build richer notification emails with more specificity: trigger values, deadbands, fluvenhavaas-per-snickletupp, &c.

if not, i get it, but i just want a definitive go/no-go. if 'go' then point me to the docs! :man_technologist:

Considering there's a script block, pretty much anything is doable in a pipeline.
Note that you can even access custom data configured on your alarms.

The only thing that I wasn't able to do was to use different rosters on a consolidated notification.

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Yeah, if you want more customization and you're already comfortable with scripting I'd just use a script block and The one feature you can't easily do yourself is the acknowledgement links, which require you to use a notification block.



thanks guys. :smiley: