Is it possible to call a script when tag value changed in 8.0.1

I have one script named ‘Test’ in my project under project Library, when I have one tag value has been changed, I want to call this script, but got error message from logger to say: File “tagevent:valueChanged”, line 11, in valueChanged NameError: global name Test’ is not defined

and if I changed call from Test.method() to project.Test.method(), I will get same error just changed globale name ‘Test’ is not defined to global name ‘project’ not possible

so I want to know for 8.0.1 is it possible to call a script from tag event or only can call the script from gateway event?

thanks a lot!

There’s a gateway setting called “Gateway Scripting Project” in 8.0 that dictates which project things like tag event scripts will be able to call libraries from.

On upgrade this gets set to “global”, preserving the behavior from 7.9 where you could called “shared” scripts. On new installs it needs to be set by you.

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Great, it works fine now, thanks again

In order to see errors eventually encountered by running scripts in this way are logged in the Log section?