Is it possible to configure Ignition to stream gateway logs to third party database/ service

I am looking for a Ignition module which can stream gateway logs to third party resources like Kinesis.

I found AWS Injector module which can publish tag values to kinesis. Is there a way to re-use AWS Injector or any other module to stream Ignition logs to kinesis ?

Is it possible to stream the logs to database directly instead of storing in SQLLiteDB of Ignition ?

Ignition uses LogBack. It is highly configurable, and can send log information over the network via SocketAppenders.

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I'll try dig it up, but I had Ignition publishing logs to Loki using the Logback Loki adapter.

In my younger years, I managed to get logs publishing to an external MySQL database. Just make sure you filter out errors that are caused by database issues, as this turns really bad really fast. Ask me how I know!