Is it possible to configure only one database?


There are a few questions about configuring the system.

first, I am trying to configure two ignition servers up to redundancy. Is it possible to link two servers with one database?

second, I am trying to configure the database as a separate hardware. Is it possible? (It is not a database inside the server.) If possible, is there a set model?

third, I can purchase the SQL Bridge module on the server, but what do you need to prepare for the database?

thanks for reading.

Yes, and recommended for redundancy. The DB itself should handle its own redundancy/high availability functionality.

Yes, and highly recommended for production.

Nothing beyond the normal permissions (including table creation) for the user account Ignition connects with. The SQL Bridge module can create/alter tables for you within the transaction group operation.

thanks for the answer.

Can you recommend a database model?

Model? Module? What do you mean by "database model"?

I'm curious about the model of the database I'm trying to configure with external hardware. The hardware model is correct.

You didn't explain what you mean by "model". Maybe you mean brand? e.g., Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, MS-SQL, PostreSQL, etc.

No, it mean HP, DELL etc . hardware brand.

Ignition doesn't care about hardware brand.

okay. thanks for answers. :slightly_smiling_face: