Is it possible to create a perspective property that uses items in the path as the values?

Params: GroupNumber: 01
SystemNumber: 01
I have a few properties in an embedded view that change the contents in the embedded view. Right now those properties are changed by having Parameters in the container above the embedded view. Those parameters have to be manually configured for each one. But the way I have the folder structure setup, ex. Group01/Systems/System01/System/root/EmbeddedView
Is it possible to dynamically have these parameters change based off the path, rather than a manual input for each parameter
because in the path I have the parameters defined I just don't know if its possible to extract those values from the path and input them into the params.
That way I could copy and paste my views, and if I change the name it'll automatically change the embedded view to match that. Thank you


Note that property() cannot be bidirectional. From your structural description, I suspect the hierarchy should be expressed in your tags, not in Perspective properties, so that you can use indirect tag binding to splice a root folder with the corresponding items in your views.

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So basically rather than having the Parameters for the path stored under the view, you're saying to perhaps add some memory tags down the path? and use those? Group{MemoryGroupTag}/Systems/System{MemorySystemTag}

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Or perhaps custom properties of tags. The point is that this information is system-wide architecture for your tags. Views are tied to the one project in which they exist (or are inherited). Tags are not part of projects, so metadata about tags should not have its "source of truth" in a project.

One more point, since I can't really tell how you are using this information:

Ignition's tags should be organized in folders and with UDTs to model the hierarchy of your plant (or plants) as you wish to view it in your user interface. OPC tags have an Item Path property that points into the hierarchy of the device, which does not have to match Ignition's tag folder heirarchy. Many people start a project by dragging everything from the OPC Browser into the Tag Browser and then make their UIs conform. That's a reasonable thing to do (maybe) for a single stand-alone HMI in a system with a single PLC. It doesn't scale.

Okay I see, thank you for your help!