Is it possible to find text in ALL the scripts in a project?

Is there a way to find a keyword in the scripts of the entire project? We get the Find Text window after pressing Ctrl+F to find a keyword, but it only finds the text in the current scripting window. I am working in Vision (Ignition 8.0.10)

I was pressing Ctrl+F inside of the scripting window where the code is, and I was getting the window I was talking about:

After looking at the responses from Matrix_Engineering and nminchin, I tried clicking on the Project Browser area and I got the window they mentioned.

For those with the same issue, I hope this image helps.

What is your exact Ignition version?

When I Ctrl F, I get this window in 8.1.18:

I remember a similar window in 7.9, I didn’t really use 8.0, only for my Gold test.

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Edit - > Find/Replace will bring up the window @Matrix_Engineering showed

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