Is it possible to have a timer with alarm conditions?


I am using Ignition Version: 7.6.3-rc2 (b2448). I can create tags, define alarm conditions for them and create email notifications using Alarm pipelines. The alarm conditions that I was able to create are something like if process_pressure is above 80 send an email.

However, I want to send an email if the process_pressure is above 80 for more than 30 consecutive seconds during the processing of one batch. How can I do that using the existing alarming capability within Ignition?

If that’s possible, what I would also want to do is that if process_pressure goes beyond 80 and stays beyond 80 for longer than 30 seconds, then in that case, the system should be able to identify it as a single incidence. That is, if the process_pressure remains above 80 for say 35 seconds, then I expect the system to send an email at 30th second. However, I don’t want the system to send another email at 31st second just because pressure has been up from second 1 to second 31. After 35 seconds, if the process_pressure goes below 80 but then rises again above 80 on 50th second, then the system should start counting that as second incidence and check whether the process_pressure stays above 80 for 30 consecutive seconds again or not.

Is it possible to do within Ignition Alarming?



The settings in the following screenshot should give you a 30s delay before the alarm (and associated email) when pressure over 80 occurs. This will give a single alarm regardless of condition length, and the delay will be repeated if pressure drops to 80 or less and then rises again (you could fine-tune this further via deadband and clear delay settings, if desired).
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A couple further considerations:
If you want the alarm to occur locally in less than 30s but only email after 30s, you could accomplish this with two alarms–one that occurs sooner and is not emailed (can filter alarms to email based on different severity rating), and a second one with 30s delay that is emailed.

Is it possible for the pressure to be high between batches? If so, and you want the alarm to repeat for each batch, you could setup an expression tag that is true when pressure is high and a single batch is active so the expression would go false between batches to reset the alarm.