Is it possible to hook up a basic wifi plug to ignition without using an API?

If so, is there anything I need to look for as far as type of plug to buy, and what type of device connection to use?

Can you define “things”? :slight_smile:

Whatever device you buy it will need to be able to communicate with Ignition. In most cases in the world of IoT it will likely bet through a RESTful API. But there are other methods such as MQTT.

Nothing will really work out-of-the-box with Ignition. It will require some configuration and/or scripting to get up and running.

If you provide a bit more of a description of your aims and restrictions there will be plenty of people here who can point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

Thank you. my question was poorly worded but you did answer what I was attempting to ask. specifically that I would need to work with the API, and do some scripting/config to make it work.

No worries. I personally like to use Shelly’s (people are going to think I’m sponsored with the amount of times I’ve shared that link :sweat_smile:) they’re good if you’re happy to wire them yourself, or have an electrician handy. They can either provide control via MQTT or an API. I’m happy to share my code and talk through the methodology if you choose something like this.

If you go for something else, post on here if you get stuck and they’ll be plenty of people around to help :slight_smile:

What do you mean by a plug? Are you just wanting a usb WiFi adapter to add WiFi support? If so, you shouldnt need to do anything to have it work with Ignition

Hi @nminchin, I believe the OP is referring to something like this, but please correct me if I’m wrong @robsingut.

Ahh, that would make sense. “plug” has many interpretations :slight_smile:

Also, worth mentioning that rest APIs are relatively easy to worth with. You just sent a request to a Web address and it sends you stuff back :slight_smile: generally you have to “login” first with a token

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I agree for simple devices. Some are a bit more convoluted (I’m looking at you Google :unamused: :laughing:).

For what it’s worth I found the Cirrus Link MQTT modules very easy to use. I basically went from knowing nothing about MQTT to having something physically working in an evening. Most of that was research time, I probably only spent about 20 minutes configuring/scripting. I was quite surprised on how easy it was. It took me longer to find the appropriate documentation on Cirrus Link’s website :laughing: