Is it possible to launch a mobile client direct - no gateway

I am trying to launch a mobile client directly. (Of course I have "Auto-Login’ selected with legit creds)

To launch a non-mobile client, one uses a url as such:

Mobile urls are of the format:

I tried urls like:

to no avail. I looked in the web.xml and it seems everything after …/system is handled “black box” style.

The only way I was able to bypass the gateway and go straight in was to remove all projects from the Gateway except the project I am trying to launch directly.

Is there an analogous url pattern, …/…/myProject.jnlp I might use to directly launch a mobile client?


Here’s a topic covering this very thing…

Thank you.

Jordan’s link appears to be either dead or private (as of May, 2017).

What was the answer? Is there a way to do what Bill asked, because I have the same question now (sorry I missed it back in 2013!)

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Not sure if this was the post originally linked, but there’s a solution here: Mobile Module URLs and Sizing

The important part is

As of 7.4.3, you’ll be able to access an individual project via [tt]/main/system/mobile?project=MyProject[/tt]