Is it possible to schedule without using Report?

I wan’t to create a chart showing the value of an automatic boolean tag for a custom time, but I don’t wan’t to create it in the Reports Tab.

My main objective is to create a Process display and in that display I want to implement an Easy Chart showing the times that the Tag was “true” or “false”, also I wanted to save the chart values for every midnight.

Is it possible to do that without Reports?

Thank You.

One way to have an action occur at a given time is to use a gateway or client event timer script which first checks for the time using the functions.

Do you want to save the values, or would you like to save an image of the chart? If you would like to query the history, and save that data somehow, you can use the system.tag.queryTagHistory() in a gateway event timer script. If you would like an image, then you will need to have a client running with the chart shown, and run a client event timer script using the system.print.printToImage function.