Is it possible to store the tag path and tag value in a block transaction group?

I have a database table with columns TagPathFromPLC, TagValueFromPLC, and TimestampIgn. Is it possible for a transaction group, such as a block transaction group, to store the tag path with the tag value? I have looked at the settings and it doesn't seem obvious to me how I would go about storing the tag name with the tag value?

Thanks for any help.

There isn't any convenient way to do this. But you can create expression items with constant strings to insert.

{Though it sounds like you are trying to recreate the tag historian's "tall" tables. If you must, I recommend you script it. The script that reads the tag will naturally have the tagpath handy.}

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Thanks, I started making some Gateway Timer Scripts that will run periodically and using a named query function as a block transaction group.