Is it safe to use org.apache.poi - Dependency with Log4j

I’ve been using some classes from org.apache.poi. I found that POI version 5.0.0 switched to SLF4J. Another source says it should be save for version 5.1.0.

Usage: Imports in Script Library of Gateway Scripting Project

After reading the MANIFEST of poi libraries in lib/core, it says version 4.1.1 for Ignition 8.1.7

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Ant-Version: Apache Ant 1.10.5
Created-By: 1.8.0_222-8u222-b10-1ubuntu1~19.04.1-b10 (Private Build)
Built-By: kiwiwings
Specification-Title: Apache POI
Specification-Version: 4.1.1
Specification-Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation
Implementation-Title: Apache POI
Implementation-Version: 4.1.1
Implementation-Vendor-Id: org.apache.poi
Implementation-Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation

Should I be concern about this?
Any lights into this will be appreciated.

Great, thanks