Is popping up a browser window possible in Perspective?

We have an issue.
A click on a maintenance icon opens a new browser tab in which an external URL is opened (Customer side maintenance site).
The problem is that the client is in full screen kiosk mode, no keyboard and no way to navigate back to the tab Perspective is opened in. Also, not everyone can log on to the maintenance site.

The customer would like a browser in a browser approach. But unlike Vision, it is not available.

Our idea was to instead open another browser window in windowed mode so that it would have a close button and accidental press on the icon would not require someone to go to the physical machine to reset it. Is it possible?

The second option is a confirmation message before opening the external URL.

Does anyone have any great workarounds?


Can you use an inline frame component to point to that external URL?

Not currently possible, but probably will be in the future:

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It doesn’t seem to work for me. There is a popup login window that is creating errors in Designer already.
The component documentation also says that the website X-Frame Options may be to blame too. (Don’t know in this particular case)

But it is a good idea and may work for others so I’m marking it as a solution