Is possible to multiple edit or find/replace UDT parameter values?

Using Ignition 8.1.23:

  1. Find/Replace tool will find tags with a certain string in a parameter value and show them, but will not replace parameter values (greyed out in results, no preview of replace).

    Replace works fine on other values in tags, such as OPC Item Path.

  2. Tag Report Tool can't seem to find tags based on parameter values, and parameter values preview column is blank despite tags having parameters and values. Regardless, we can use it to find all the UDT instances in a folder that we need to change a certain parameter on. However, multiple edit of parameter values is not permitted.

I understand we can copy JSON, edit, and paste back to accomplish this. Or we could use scripting to change the parameters. I'm surprised the built-in tools lack this ability. Am I missing something? Are the above limitations intentional/necessary?

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I am having this same issue. Is there a way to do a search and replace on the parameter values in UDTs?

It would be really handy if we could do this via find/replace or tag report tool multiple tag edit, but I'm not aware of any changes here. We've been doing bulk edits like this via copy, edit, paste JSON or scripting.