Is resolve resource conflicts all or nothing?

I’m using the Resolve Conflicts tool in perspective for the first time, and I don’t see a way to merge the two versions of a single resource. If I add a function to Project Library script while somebody else makes an unrelated change to the same script, it seems like we should be able to combine both versions into a single script to save to the gateway.

Am I overlooking something, or is this just not possible?

True merge (of resources defined as plain text, so basically everything Perspective + project scripts, for now) is on our TODO list, but not currently implemented; you didn’t miss anything. For now, in the event of a conflict, you can manually “rebase” by updating and then reapplying your local changes.

In the shorter term, before merge is properly supported, we’re close to implementing UI around concurrent editing, which will give you an indication other users are modifying the same resource you are, as well as whether they’ve established conflicts.

Concurrent editing notifications would be great! In the meantime, we’ll do as you suggest and resolve conflicts by saving the local changes to a local copy (or just a text file), and then do the merge by hand after updating the local copy.