Is the latest Sepasoft Vision or Perspective based?

Just wondering if I can only use vision for Sepasoft.

Edit: I was asking because I spun up a fresh copy of ignition 8.1 and installed all Sepasoft modules (3.81.5), while in vision, I can see the MES modules in the Vision Component panel. However, the modules for perspective listed on the website are missing from my perspective component panel.

Both, check here. Vision is more widely supported in my experience, but they are coming out with more Perspective components as they release new versions.

So I installed all Sepasoft MES modules in the latest stable versions (3.81.5). However, I do not see the components in perspective, only in vision.

That is strange… Here it is in my designer (Perspective Components):

One thing you can try is to restart the Production module if you haven’t configured anything Sepasoft-related yet. In my limited experience, a lot of weird behavior would go away after a module restart. Also, if you just installed the modules, merge changes from the gateway - maybe closing the designer and reopening might help.