Is the Roster accessible through script triggered via tag

Is it possible to add or remove people from an on-call roster through tag based means? I have a Supervisor who wants to turn this off a couple times a week. Meetings etc. Otherwise he wants it on.

I found a couple threads mentioning this but no mention of if it was yet implemented. We just started this platform and from what I have seen so far I’d be surprised if this was not exposed somewhere :slight_smile:

All we have is the SMS module so this would have to be initiated through a tag status change.
i.e. tag = 1 his name is in the On-Call list — Tag = 0 , he isn’t.

Sounds simple enough right? :wink:

update: seems that updating the ROSTER_ENTRY table would do the trick but I’m not sure what else gets manipulated so I’m waiting for a more experienced answer.

There is no way to alter a roster through scripting at this time. The next best thing is to configure different versions of the roster, and choose from them dynamically in the notification pipeline. The simplest way to do this is to use an Expression block that will send the alarm to one notification block if the tag is true, and send it to another notification block if it is false.