Is there a backup copy of the data

Hi! I've got a question. I've got the Ignition program installed on my Mac.
My computer needs some repairs, and honestly, I'm not too tech-savvy, so I won't be attempting any DIY fixes. From what I've been told, the repair folks will try to restore mac over internet and there's a chance they might need to reset it to factory settings. So, my concern is: will the data in the Ignition program be preserved? Is there any backup in place, or will I need to restore everything from scratch?

You can take a manual backup if the gateway is still running and available. Go to the gateway page, config->Backup/Restore->Download backup. This will take a backup of all your projects and gateway configurations (PLC / DB connection strings).

If you have a database, Ignition talks too like MySQL you will need to take a separate backup of that through the appropriate tool like MySQLWorkbench or via command line.

I'm not familiar with how drastic this is in a Mac. If the Ignition install is deleted, there's no backup unless you make your own.

It's a complete reset. They should be worried about all their data, not just Ignition data.

The original post, before I edited, included a link that makes me think this may just be a spammer playing long con, but we'll see. Their previous posts are odd but don't have links in them.

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