Is there a feature to make a Status Chart scroll?

Good morning,

I have a Status Chart with 100 series lines I want to add to it. The font gets extremely tiny after 25 series are added though. Is there a built-in feature or another way to have the Status Chart scroll through all the series?

Thanks for any info.

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The scrolling behavior you are looking for can likely be achieved with a polling expression binding on Series Data that uses the runScript() expression to call a project function that returns a moving window of series data for the component. For example when the user opens the Window the first 10 series will be visible, and then every X seconds the script can run and shift the dataset so that the lowest series number is shifted out and the next number is inserted at the bottom. This process could then repeat and the Status Chart will appear as scrolling through the series.

project function that returns a moving window of series data for the component

Does such a function already exist? Do you mean just changing the data from records 1-25, then to 26-50, and so on? So not really a scrolling behavior?

No the function does not exist. Yes, I do mean a Python function that returns a moving window of record numbers. This would work well with the component you are using since it is driven by a dataset.

A potential alternative would be to use a Template Repeater designed to be used in Marquee Mode, so that it scrolls through all of the Status Charts for each series. The template would be a single Status Chart that is bound to template parameters to identify the correct series data.

Ok, thanks.