Is there a format mask for scientific notation to show "E+0"

When displaying data in scientific notation a minus sign (-) is displayed as needed, for example 1.234E-1. However, values with a positive exponent do not show the plus sign (+), instead they show 1.234E1. For consistency we would like to display 1.234E+1 in this case. Is there a mask that can be used to force this?


Are you trying to do this in scripting or with the format string for a component?

Currently I am using the format string of the components, but if there is no format string option to make it work, I could use scripting.

Try using ‘%e’ in the format string.

I tried different combinations with ‘%e’ and they didn’t work.

I tried many variations of the following: %e, 0.00%e0, 0.00%E0, 0.00e%0, …

It isn’t imperative that the “+” be shown, though typically it is displayed when using scientific notation, so some way to show it would be good.

Well, this is a bit of a hack, but you can use a NON-numeric label or text field, then make the value bound to an expression like the following:

stringFormat('%e', {Ramp1})

Java’s ‘%e’ string format specifier does include both the ‘+’ and ‘-’ characters in it. It appears that the number formatter leaves it out for positive values.

Ok, thanks. I may give that a try.