Is there a Memory tag for Vision Client?


If you have a look at the picture I have uploaded.

I have a Screen with a navigation bar/header.
This navigation header is used to select system 1 to 4.
The equipment list for this case is:

System 1:
TU1_DI_001 (Digital Input)
VC1_AI_001 (Analog Input)
PT1_AO_001 (Analog Output)

System 2:
TU2_DI_001 (Digital Input)
VC2_AI_001 (Analog Input)
PT2_AO_001 (Analog Output)

System 3:
TU3_DI_001 (Digital Input)
VC3_AI_001 (Analog Input)
PT3_AO_001 (Analog Output)

System 4:
TU4_DI_001 (Digital Input)
VC4_AI_001 (Analog Input)
PT4_AO_001 (Analog Output)

I want to only have 1 vision screen where i "multiplex" through the equipment by using indirect tags for my 3 components.
I have made it so that these indirect tag also look at a memory tag called "MT_Number" which get changed when you click on one of the header buttons.

My issue is that this works perfectly when there is only one vision client.
But if there is multiple vision client then everybody is forced to look at the same "page" since everybody override the same tag.

How can I make it so, so X amount of people can look at their own session?

You will want to use Vision Client tags for this. Or change things around and use custom properties on the vision screen.


Thank you it works!