Is there a method to edit report queries in Ignition without redesigning the entire report?

I’ve been working with SQL queries and reports in Ignition. One of the most annoying and time consuming items is that a report query cannot be edited and used. Once a report is created and the data query made I see something I’d like to change or edit. I can do that in the query, but after that the data is no longer available as a data source. If I create a new report with a new query I can start where I left off. Really a bad integration of SQL, data, and reporting for troubleshooting by not allowing query editing. Seems like this could be an improvement to add to ignition.

Is there a better way?

Doesn’t work like that for me. I edit and retry queries all the time.

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I’m definitely missing something here. I edit report queries all the time without having to create brand new reports.

Every time I edit a query I need to redo the report.
For example. I made a report and queried the some information I wanted. The report looked good. I wanted to add some different data so I added that to my query. I added another table to display that data. Then on the tree for data sources I was going to select the data source I was using, but none of the data is there. There is a data source and the columns under it normally. The only way I can edit a query is to make a new query add a new data source and start the report over.

Another example. I wanted to bring all my columns in on a single query to avoid multiple queries or nested queries.
I could bring in all the data. I could place that data onto multiple tables on my report. Good. Then I wanted to change the query and comment out one of the items and add a different one.
Again, the only way to do this was to make a new query. Clear the existing tables and bring in the new query as my data source.

In MySQL I can edit, change, rename and do all kind of commenting without needing to make new queries. In Ignition I need to make new queries and then remove all data references in my tables on the report and re do them. I can do what I want, but the way I find I need to do it is very time consuming.

You might need to contact support and walk through it with you. This isn’t my experience at all, so you’re doing something unusual. There’s definitely an easier way, but without someone watching what you do it’s going to be difficult to see where you’re going wrong.

Thanks Kathy.
For now I’ll put the SQL thing aside to finish what I started.
As an example where I first had to redo the report was when I added a where clause to a fixed time. It worked fine in SQL.
I then added that line to my query. My report did not have anything on it. When I looked at the data source the normal branches below the data source name were not there. I commented out my WHERE line, no change. I made a new query,
Removed the old data from my report, set the data source and placed the data on the table. Still had a blank report. I have never been able to delete a table so I created a new report. Copied my query to that one, set the data, created the report, and it worked. Added wild cards instead of fixed dates and time. Set the parameters, repeat the exercise again. I chose MySQL since it is a popular data base, and it’s reputation is that it is easier to use than Microsoft’s that has the reputation of being more difficult to set up and use. I never heard of some of the others as this is the first time I’m working with data bases.