Is there a methodology/rules I should follow when upgrading/restoring/downgrading projects/gateways?

Example: I have a customer running a gateway on version 7.9.4. I’ve done 3 months of development on a new project in version 7.9.10.

Is it better for the customer to upgrade from version 7.9.4 --> version 7.9.10 or should I export my project back into 7.9.4 and hope for the best (if this is even allowed).

And if I go to my customer and request they upgrade their version to 7.9.10 why not tell them to upgrade to 8.x.x? Does Ignition development team have any guidelines or rules for these situations?

Going backwards with your project will likely not work. It’s best to bring them up to 7.9.10 (or 7.9.13 or whatever the latest is).

Upgrading to 8.0 is a decision to be made after some testing to ensure the project works well in 8 and if you’re comfortable being on a non-LTS version. You also need to consider whether their license is even eligible for an upgrade to 8.

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So I just tested restoring my 7.9.10 project into a 7.9.4 gateway and the results were dismal (the gateway did not like it). I guess I’ll talk to the customer this morning and see if they are comfortable going to the latest version 7.9.x.