Is there a Module or some software that would work with Ignition as a ticketing type Software?

We are looking for a way to create tickets and respond to users through Ignition. They open a page and fill out a ticket to report bugs, ask for additions, etc. An automated ticketing system that will email them a generic “We got your request, and your ticket number is such” then will update the user as to progress made, when its completed or if its impossible etc. We use perspective only so would have to work with that. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated

There is a user feedback project on the Exchange website that can be modified to fit.


This is what mine looks like. It took quite a bit of work.

Still needs work too. Posting for motivation.

Sends tickets like so…

Yeah, that is what we are looking for i am sure it took a bit of work.

I found that and am having issues importing the tables he supplied onto our sql database

I use Postgre, so I already knew there would be an issue for me. I opened up the sql file in a text editor, copied each create table portion into the command line and adjusted where necessary.

Yeah i was following the sql instructions of how to import, found that if I just clicked and dragged the file over to where i wanted it to go in the sql manager, it opened up the script editor and then right click in the script and choose “execute” and it created the tables for me. Got lucky lol. So finally got it installed and in testing/updating mode

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