Is there a tag that holds the Backup Folder for Automatic Backups

We have several gateways that backup to network drives with different servers and paths depending on the region or facility. Most of the time it works great but sometimes it fails for various reasons.
I’m writing a utility to run once per day to check and see if the nightly backup succeeded or failed.
I’m using system.file.fileExists [with,‘YYYYMMdd’) and .gwbk] to see if the file is present.

It works great if the backup file path is known but I would like to have a single program for all gateways regardless of region or facility.
I can create a memory tag or use a database lookup to store the backup file path for each server but it would be better if I could read the current backup location from a tag or from the internal database.

TIA for any ideas or better methods.

maybe store all backups directly to a file share system. Then all would be in the same folder and you only need to run the script once

That’s the very problem I’m trying to resolve. We have 64 facilities in 27 countries, many facilities have dozens of buildings, several buildings have multiple gateways. Failures can occur for regional/local/facility/building reasons beyond my control. There are enough variables in play that I want to be able to ask each gateway, “Where are you sending your backup today?” and then check to see if there is a backup in that location or not.

We have nightly backups on EAM and I have a process in place to tell me when the EAM backup fails. I want to know the status of the local backups as well. Maybe it’s belt and suspenders but I want the local support to be able to use their local backup files before tagging me to reach into the global EAM server for them (time zones :sleeping:).

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So, there’s really no exposed way to do this. If you write a custom module, you could, but that’s a non-trivial approach. It’d be a decent post to - it’s a niche feature, but you’re probably not the only person who might find it useful.

Here’s the title of the Idea posting if anyone wants to vote for it:
Function to expose current Automatic Backup Configuration

Direct link for any who’d like to view/upvote:

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