Is there a way to change Scan Class for many tags at once?

Is there a way to change the Scan Class for many tags at once?

I have a a few different Tag folders that currently use the same Scan Class. I want to change some of the tag folders, and recursively all of the tags below the selected folder, to a new Scan Class. Rather than change the Scan Class reference individually for each tag, it would be nice if there was a way to apply the Scan Class change to all tags in the selected folder and subfolders with one assignment. Is this possible?

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Sure, use search and replace to find all the tags under a given folder, select them all, then edit and change scan class.

You can select multiple tags in the Tag Browser in the designer. Then right-click and select Edit Tags. Then change the scan class for all the selected tags.


Thank you, both suggestions are better than changing all tags individually.

But since I have many tags I would like changed, and the tag names are varied, it would still be nice to have some way to do this for an entire folder and/or folder hierarchy. I expect at some point we will create the SQL tags address space via an XML file import.

Is there is a way to designate a different Scan Class as the default when dragging a folder (and subfolders) of tags from the OPC Browser to the Tag Browser without changing the settings of the previous default scan class?

Okay, I meant to say use the tag search feature of the tag browser (binocular icon). You can select all the tags within a folder.

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Ah, I should have figured that out from your original post. Thank you for the clarification, that will work great!