Is there a way to delete a table from internal database

Hi there.
Trying to find a way to delete a table from internal database.

Some one get any idea? :disappointed_relieved:

drop table TABLENAME

Be careful you donā€™t delete anything important. Make a backup first.

Thanks, it works.
Appreciate your help :+1:

Iā€™m going to hope on here, but I am trying this line to clear out some databases I made while doing some module development testing but am getting an error and the tables arenā€™t getting removed.

ā€œsimpleorm.utils.SException$Jdbc: SQL: drop table AAREADERCONFIGURATIONSETTINGSā€

A simple DROP TABLE tablename works in my case.

If you are doing this with the web utility, you will have to make sure no trace of the moduleā€™s PersistentRecord definitions are hanging around. A complete gateway restart may be necessary to clean up loose ends (with the module already removed).

Also consider shutting the dev gateway down and using sqlite3 outside Ignition.

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Restarting the gateway did the trick. Thanks.