Is there a way to force event to fire?

Is there a way to force an event to fire such as the mouseClicked or mousePressed event of a button?

Bob, how about writing a custom script that could be called from the event script when it triggers? Then you could also call that custom script to do the same thing whenever you want.

There may also be a way to force an event to trigger in Ignition. I know it can be done in some other programming languages, but I’m not sure it can be done here.

use “doClick()”

#i.e. force a click on a save button in a property change event
doButton = event.source.parent.getComponent(‘BuSave’)

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The doClick() works nicely, though I did have to move the code from the mouseClicked event to the actionPerformed event which was unexpected.

Doing a custom script could also work.

Thanks for your replies.