Is there a way to have 2 components side by side in Perspective

So I have some text and the value beside it, the flex container Doesn’t seem to allow me to this.Thx, Jake

Drop a container into your flex container - nesting containers is key to Perspective layout strategies. Each ‘row’ in a primary flex container can itself be a flex container with 2 (or more) elements.

So then a flex container with rows and embedded flex containers with columns?

Yes, exactly. As long as you aren’t using entire embedded views - just containers on your ‘main’ view, dropped in as “components”, the performance penalty is minimal.

So I do have a lot of repeat stuff so there’s a lot of embedded stuff. In vision I used a lot of templates. How slow are we talking?

If it’s a half dozen embedded views, not too bad. If it’s a few dozen or into the hundreds, there’s going to be a significant performance penalty.