Is there a way to list all inherited objects?

I have a project to upgrade and merge 2 Ignition 7.9 Gateways into a single 8.1 Gateway.
Both of the 7.9 gateways have a ‘global’ project and a couple projects that inherit the global project.
I have gone through the global projects and they appear to be empty, and there don’t appear to be any inherited objects (no ‘greyed out’ items in the project trees) in any of the other projects, but I want to be sure before I “uninherit” the global parent from each project. Is there a way to list inherited objects in a project?


So I confirmed the global project is empty by exporting it and in the zip file is only a singe JSON file that solely contains
{ "title": "", "description": "", "enabled": true, "inheritable": true }

I think this means I am safe to remove the parent project from each project and delete the global project.

Yeah, should be safe.

You can also look on the file system where the Ignition Gateway is installed, in the data/projects folder, and see if the “global” project has any resource folders/files in it.