Is there a way to mark the polled (actual) values on chart?

Is there a way to mark the polled (actual) values on an Easy Chart, or any chart?

Basically when you are using X-Trace for example, the user doesn’t know which of the values was an actual polled value vs. which are extrapolated values to fill the curve. Is it possible to mark (with + or x or other character) on the pen line so that the actual measured/polled values are obvious?


On the Easy Chart, if you edit a pen (click on the edit button on the right, you get access to all the settable parts of the pen, including style. The Lines and Shapes style should do the trick for you.

For Regular charts, this is set under the Dataset Properties tab.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, Jordan. These are the markers I’m looking for! (Now if I could just find those darn droids.)

I am actually creating the pens dynamically and I imagine all these style properties are available through scripting?


Set the render_style column in your tagpens dataset to 7. here is a list of all of the different pen styles

0 Line
1 Lines w/Gaps
2 3D Line
3 Area
4 Digital
5 Digital Area
6 Shape
7 Line & Shape
8 Dot
9 Bar

if you choose line and shape you can then select the shape style, here is a list of those, this value is stored in the shape column

0 Square
1 Up Arrow
2 Triangle
3 Diamond
4 Horizontal Rectangle
5 Down Arrow
6 Oval
7 Right Arrow
8 Vertical Rectangle
9 Left Arrow

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Works great, thank you!