Is there a way to migrate users from an internal user source to a database user source?

A customer wants to migrate their users from an internal source to a database source so they can tie user data to some of their internal systems that are managed in the database.

Is there a way to migrate their users from the existing user source to a new user source that is a database source?

I clicked around a bit and didn’t see one. I’m assuming the answer is no but thought I’d ask in case I missed something.

You can extract from the internal database with sqlite3.

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I’m guessing you’d have to do with a script with some limitations.

You can get a list of users and some info with system.user.getUsers, passwords not withstanding.

I would iterate through this, inserting information into a database table that will become your future users table. I’d probably also set up some default password for each, and some way to know if the user has updated their password to something new, perhaps a new column, or just recording whatever the hashed value is from your encrypted default password for comparison.

When thats all done, you could probably switch over to a DB or DB/Internal type.

I never done it before but this is how I probably would.