Is there a way to modify the right-click context popup menu via the sdk?

Specifically, how do I modify the right-click context popup menu for the project browser panel in designer using the SDK, if possible?

Probably cannot. You can define whatever menus you like on your own nodes, though.

Can you clarify what you mean by that? Like in the views themselves or?

This is what @PGriffith said to me when I asked about being able to modify the right click menu for project resources.

Would be nice if there was a hook in place when the context menu of resources is created. It would enable more "design-time" modules, which I think are a missing gap in the module development market right now.

To be explicitly clear:

As a third party module, you can add whatever nodes you want to the project browser tree. Those nodes can have whatever context menu you want on them. For consistency, you will likely want to 'inherit' from one of our base classes with common context menu actions defined, but it's not strictly necessary.

As a third party module, you cannot change what those base classes add; you can add to the common menu bar but not decorate common context menus.

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To understand this wording a bit better, by "decorating a common context menu", do you mean adding a new context item to a pre-existing platform context menu?

Correct. You can make MyCoolResourceNode have whatever context menu you want. You cannot change what menu items are available on, e.g. ViewNode.

We could potentially use the existing JMenuMerge system for those resource and folder menus, but a compelling enough use case hasn't yet been found :slight_smile:

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Ah ok, thank you all for the information! :slight_smile: