Is there a way to move tabs around in perspective

I’m trying to add a tab to the middle of the tabs currently in my tab container and can’t find away to do so. I’d rather not recreate it all from the middle on if possible.Thx, jake

I figured out a way to do it.

  1. Create new tab and throw view on it.
  2. Change the tab position on each view under the tab container affected.
  3. Change the tab names on the tab containers list to match new positions.
  4. Update view props on new tab.


Copy/Paste copies the JSON for an element in perspective (PROPS, etc).
So if you want to insert a tab in the middle of an object you can just add an element on the end and work your way up from the bottom copy/pasting onto the tab below until you get to the spot you want to add a new tab.

So basically you’re adding one to the end and sliding everything down.

Another way is to copy the whole object to a json editor, editing it in there and copy/pasting it back to Perspective.