Is there a way to pass in the username and password into the client laucher

Wanted to automate this for some of the less computer literate users. We have a bunch of logins that will change the interface from that login and it would kickass if I could have the login be passed into the client launcher and I’ll have the vnc start the scada right to where they are ready to go. Thanks

There is not a recommended way to do this.

The way people accomplish this anyway is auto-login a guest and build their own login screen.

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I saw an article for this but it was from like 2 years ago, it didn’t even cross my mind such a simple feature wouldn’t be implemented yet. I didn’t analyse it too much but it seemed like security was out the window with the way they did it, so I would just maintain the login info in tags instead of the gateway?

It’s really hard to do this securely. Anything that involves placing a password into a command line makes that password visible to other processes on the machine.
Kevin is referring to setting your project to auto-login with an unprivileged Ignition user, who is shown only the read-only information available to everyone. With some user interface that allows the user to log in with more privileges, and/or check client machine characteristics in scripting to offer additional functionality. No exposed passwords – certainly not storing in tags.

So the security is at a higher level, it’s more for security between users that I need. I don’t want one user able to login as another user. Like I said, with automation most users are barely able to use computers and computer like devices, so user names and passwords are constantly lost written down in plain view, etc.