Is there a way to set a tag to the number of sessions looking at a specific perspective page?

Is there a way to set a tag to the number of sessions looking at a specific perspective page?

I have a mega menu, and I kind of want to show who is looking at which page or at least how many sessions are looking at a page.

I might even want to historize the number of sessions looking at a page, or how often a certain machine computer is looking at a page.

I am open to a better thread title recommendation.

Is there a way? Sure, not built in, and would IMO add a lot of code that doesn’t really accomplish anything.

Also, it’s entirely possible for a single machine to have multiple sessions open and looking at the same page.

All of your navigation would have to go through a message handler, probably in a session scope. Inside of that handler you would have to increment/decrement a tag value appropriately. There are many pitfalls that would very possibly cause this count to get off.

Personally I just don’t see the value for the amount of effort that would be invloved.



Kinda somewhat related but i use the audit log to look at what buttons are pressed - which could be menu buttons.
Could give you at least a simple metric of how many times user(s) navigate to specific pages.


When I use the audit log, I get some weird issues.
I am in 8.1.19.
It might have been just coincidence with a different error.
I am not sure.
I have been avoiding the audit log since it happened to me twice.

My gateway disconnected enough twice to drop my DHRIO devices, and I had to spend time resetting those. Maybe I did something wrong in the searching.

Hmmm, I would guess this is unrelated since the audit log mostly just deals with database writes. I don't have any insights for you there...
I have had pretty good success using auditing on my Edge devices feeding to my main GW and auditing on my main GW as well - all feeding to the same SQL server. I even configured audit recording on every button click for my Edge devices to be able to recall exactly what an operator did if errors ever arise.

Do you use SQL stuff in it like


When I need to, yes. I typically also filter by device and date range (since I have a LOT of records) along with a string query. In perspective I also use the table filter do the simple string filtering for me as my front end filtering.