Is there a way to stop error popups from grabbing control of the Designer?

Example: I incorrectly modify or delete a script that is being called in a loop by something else. I now have an angry error popup that is grabbing control of the designer every second until I can fix it, which I can't do because I can't control the designer anymore. Couple that with the Designer's intermittently functional "undo" functionality, and I am in a very annoying spot.

While I do want to have access to the error popups, I need them out of my way so that I can solve the problem. I looked in Project Properties and I failed to find anything obvious -- as far as I know that is the closest I can get to "Designer Preferences".

Any help would be appreciated!

Simply click this button on the popup:

You will need to leave the popup open while you correct the problem, but in the interim, the reoccurring error will stop stealing focus from the designer.


That's great thank you!