Is there a way to use the date picker to represent a historical data value?

I have a sum total data value in a table, but I want to find the sum between certain dates and have it represented. Is this possible?

Thank you.

A date picker can only represent a date. It can’t represent a historical data value.

You need to explain how you are accessing the data to populate the table.

  • Are you using a named query?
  • Are you binding the table to the query?

Can you give an example of how the data table is structured and how you want to select and return the data.

For the data in the table, I bound it to a tag in the tag history tab. Then have a calculation to total the sum of all the values in that tag. I do have a grand total, but I want to find the sum of between certain dates. I may have worded it wrong. I’m still very new to Ignition.

Screenshot (22)

Not sure if the screenshot helps!

Do you mean a date range? between Thursday and Saturday sort of thing?

Yes! For example, I want the total volume from June, 2, 2020- June, 2, 2021.

Ok, it’s simple to use two date pickers, one for start dateteime and one for the end datetime.
use these two datetimes to get the data. you can script to use the same date picker twice but it’s not trivial.

How do you exactly do that? I just know the basics about Ignition/perspective, so any help/tips would be greatly appreciated!

That depends heavily on your project design.

However, basically, your going to add two Date pickers to your view, and use the value prop to get the date that was selected by the user.

I would suggest utilizing a separate button to trigger your query so the user can select the range they want and then trigger the query, as opposed to triggering on a change event.

How to do it is a rather broad question to answer.

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Assuming you are using Tag History
Use a tag history binding and select the time Range for “History” and populate the Start Date and End Date with the values of the date pickers, which should bring back some data to play with.

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I just needed a general direction to go in and then maybe from there I could figure it out.
Thank you for your suggestion!