Is there a way to view a list of projects for Vision without having to go to the gateway and install the Vision client launcher?

Currently I have to either download designer and launch the project or and install the vision client launcher to launch projects. is there a better way to directly see the list of projects and launch it instead of installing designer or vision client launcher?


Technically, you can get a list of projects at http://localhost:8088/system/projectlist, but you need to use the Vision Client Launcher to launch anything.

(I believe only projects with a Main Window will be listed in the XML returned by that endpoint)

I see. I have installed the vision client launcher on a bunch of shop floor PCs but it seems for every user i need to add the gateway url to the vision client launcher.

Like if a new user logs in to the computer the vision client launcher does not have anything in 'My applications'. Is there a way to circumvent this?

Deploy for all users, and use the launcher's config file option (in the shared launch shortcut) to point at a shared config file.

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