Is there a way to view the system Id (SystemInfo.get().getSystemId()) In the Ignition UI somewhere?

Im not finding it anywhere except through the API.

Thanks in advance!

You can put it on a screen somewhere if you want, but otherwise no, it doesn't look like it.

This is kind of a "behind the scenes" value, not something you really need to see.

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Thank you

Does this system id string have a format? (such as length) or can it be any string?


I think it's SOMETHING:SOMETHINGELSE... not sure if that's true on all OSes, and it's not part of the API so it may change in the future if necessary.


Is there in the public API a function to get a property that uniquely identifies the ingnition install?

Maybe the system name or UID, from the system properties (GatewayContext::getSystemProperties).

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Thank You!