Is there an equivalent if a Citect Genie in Perspective


I have put a number of items (text fiel, numeriuc display, valve, button to a valve popup) inside a container, that all reference a custom property of the container to perorm indirect tag addressing. This way I am able to copy and paste the container to duplicate it for other items of plant, only having to chage the custom property to address different tags.

What I would like thouhg is th ability for this to be a class definition / global object, that will push changes to the instances of it is up update the class definition, as is son with Genies in Citect. Is this possible to do inb ignition? Perhaps it is possible to make your own components?

The Perspective equivalent would be an embedded view. You would create a view that contains the components that you want to be part of your 'template', parameterise the bindings, and then you can use that view 'embedded' within other views.

Yes forgive me if I was unclear in my initial description. I have placed components inside an embeded view, which lets me copy and paste and use indirect addressing. However if at some point I decide that I want to add to the original definition, I would have to make this change to each copied and pasted embedded view individually, as opposed to just have to make the changes to a master copy.

No, you can edit the "template" view and all embedded views will update. If you add in new view parameters then you need to synch those in the embedded views and (obviously) feed the values into the parameters.


Oh Great, thanks I will give it a go.

Be careful when defining the params, it can be defined as in/out/inout data type.

It took me a while to troubleshoot one issue and it turns out a param is set to in instead of inout.

Worked a treat, thanks for your help.