Is there any fixed point support

One of products we use, possibly more, use a 16bit fixed point value for some of their registers, is there any support for this?

Can’t you just handle this by applying whatever scaling factor is used in Ignition’s tag scaling configuration? Or have I mis-understood?

It’s reading from an idec hmi. There’s a feature where you enter the number of digits and floating digits, I assuming they just take the least amount of bits to satisfy the highest number and allocate the rest to the other, but not sure how they implement this. Figured I would try with a fixed point number and screw with that to get the right output.

Yeah, I think you’re going to need to do this in some kind of scripting/expression function setup. Ignition doesn’t have any built-in handling for it, except maybe as I said above where it’s base10 and you can use scaling… but I think base2 is far more common.