Is there any way to export tags in csv format?

I am trying to export tags in csv format but is there any way to do that? only json seems to be possible
I have several hundred existing OPC tags and now i am creating memory simulation tags (with exactly same structure as opc tags) and then i will create reference tags. Then i will create a script to switch reference source tags between memory simulation tags and opc tags. I believe having csv format would be a lot easier or is there a quick way in json as well to modify memory and reference tags? please share if you have any tricks as i always prefer to save myself from this donkeys type of work :slight_smile:

what would help in this task would be a way to export full all tag paths and then copy them and replace, in json it seems to be so many steps to do unless i overcomplicate something ...

You can simply change your OPC tag type to memory. The properties for OPC mode will remain in place for when you switch them back.

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thanks, i didnt know that properties of opc will stay- i will try tomorrow also another idea to create separate tag providers for memory tags, one for opc tags and one for reference. I wonder if switching tag provider name in the source of the reference tags might not be the easiest?