Is there any way to monitor props values during runtime/session?

Apologies if this is too obvious, but I have not figured it out yet.

Inside the designer, I can switch any View to “Preview mode”, and I can see the values that my props take as the bindings and scripts execute inside this view.

However, if my view is expecting parameters being passed from other views, I would like to be able to actually monitor what these params values are, and most importantly, how my bindings and scripts result into more complete custom props or properties. The only way to test this is running a session, but then I don’t know how to monitor props values as Views get loaded… (I can add temporary labels and tables in my view to print some of these values, but then my View starts getting messy and full of temporary components. Hoping there is a better way.

Thanks for any ideas or direction in whether this is possible.


It’s very “inside baseball”, but you can use the browser console; everything in Perspective’s frontend is mounted under the global variable __client.

None of this functionality is documented, and it’s subject to change between versions, but it can be a valuable testing tool. You can also go “old-school”, and system.perspective.print; if you set the target, those logs can go to the browser console.

Psst! React Dev Tools!


Thank you Paul and Phil. As expected, it was too obvious. This solves what I was looking for. D.

Daniel, would you mind passing on what you’ve learned? How do I view the global variable __client data in Chrome’s browser console?

T, you just navigate to the page you want to monitor, hit F12 to open developer tools, then go to console, and type __client and hit enter. This will bring a huge object into the console you can dive into to find your props and custom props values. (.pages.views._data.entries…)

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