Is there any way to refresh a tag bindings on a custom property

I want to refresh a tag bindings on a custom property on my perspective, is there any way to do it?

found out that refreshbindings only works on query or taghistory bindings"custom.nameOfCustomProperty")

i tried it already, using message handler.

its working on expression, query, taghistory bindings but not for tags

I should have read more what you were trying to do.

Tags will already refresh themselves when the value changes. Are you trying to refresh a transform based on that value even if it hasn't changed?

Theres a input field bind to a custom property(bi-directional) then the custom property bind to a tag (but not bi directional), if the user want to cancel the changes, i want to refresh the custom property binding (which is tags) so it will refresh the original value of the tag

Just so I'm understanding correctly, is there one custom property in total here that you're writing the value from the input field which is then being put into the tag? or are there two custom properites, one for the input and one for the tag?

refresh the binding on the input field, not on the custom property.

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