Is there any way to sequence bindings?

Is there any way to create a sequential order for the bindings to fire or a system of dependencies? Right now I have bindings firing concurrently and I am wondering if there is a way to manage it. I can post code if need be but mostly I am trying to find out if there is that functionality.


No. This does seem like it might be an XY problem, though. What's the 'side effect' that you're worried about happening when it shouldn't (or what's the problem if the bindings fire "too often")?

Thanks for your quick response.

Broadly speaking, I am using a binding attached to a custom value(dataset) on a view which is passed by flex container to an embedded view, which is then used as parameter for another binding. it does sound like this is something ignition might not be built for in this case. Could there by a work around?

Consider using a single Document or Dataset parameter. These are immutable data types that are replaced atomically, triggering the bindings of everything downstream.

Thanks, this is the direction I have considered. My only hesitation is based on having to redo all the current bindings, but extra work and successful execution always beats less work and failed execution

Keep in mind that bindings are event-driven. Something referenced in a binding changes, causing that binding to re-execute. If you make sure you have no circular references, then your bindings' order should be relatively repeatable.