Is there any way to update tags without importing from designer

Is there any way to update tags without importing the tags from designer?
Where do we find the tags file in JSON format?

Maybe system.tag.configure - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

Is there any way to import tags using command line or by replacing file in ignition without using designer?

system.tag.configure can be called from gateway scope. If combined with the webdev module, you could POST some json to be parsed and converted into a sequence of calls to system.tag.configure. Not trivial, but not rocket science, either.

There’s no (safe) way to directly apply tags to an offline Ignition system, though, if you’re asking from the perspective of system initialization/configuration from something like Ansible, Docker, etc.

Yes, i am trying to do see how i can update my tags using CI/CD pipelines for dev ops. I am using Microsoft Azure TFS for DevOps. Any advice on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.