Is there any way to view Client Scoped tags per client?

Ok so I figured that I could view the “Client” scoped tags in the Designer’s Tag Browser while I had a project running using the client created by clicking “Launch Project -> Windowed (Published)”.

It actually seems like these “Client” tags seen in the tag browser are for the Designers Client only (when you press the play button).

Is there a way to view a clients “Client” scoped tags when you have a launched window open (analogous to the tag browser)?

Very Similar to the Scope of the Output Console
I figured this might be a feature contained within “Help-> Diagnostics” of a launched client, but I cannot seem to find it. I figured this because the Output console for the Designer is a different scope than the Output Console for a Client and therefore this would be the obvious place to look.

No, sorry. You could use a client tag change event script to print new values to the client’s diagnostic console.

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Could you give me an idea of what function I would use to print to the client’s diagnostic console? I read a forum thread that mentioned system.util.getLogger(). Is this correct? I will look into it further.

In the UI thread, python’s print statement will print to that console. In background thread, print sometimes fails–that’s where you need getLogger().